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Are you the best possible speaker that you can be?
Your voice is your most important communications tool. Whether speaking to a small group or in front of a large audience, how you deliver your message -- and how you sound -- can be even more important than the message itself.

Techniques for Effective Public Speaking
In Techniques for Effective Public Speaking, Linda Kundell combines her extensive experience as a public relations executive and a professional singer, to help speakers improve their vocal delivery and achieve peak on-stage performance.

Techniques for Effective Public Speaking employs a variety of approaches used by professional singers and actors to:

  • Build confidence on the podium
  • Strengthen vocal projection
  • Improve voice quality
  • Reduce nervous tension

A Total Approach
For anyone who speaks in front of a group, whether at a business seminar, professional meeting, civic group, or social event. Techniques for Effective Public Speaking focuses on all aspects of presenting a lively delivery that will interest and engross your audience. Whether it be corporate shareholders, business associates, potential contributors, sales prospects, or colleagues in your profession, these workshops will take you through the basic steps needed for a succesful presentation.

Five Steps to Better Public Speaking
Individual sessions and programs combine the following steps to help speakers develop and enhance their own personal delivery.
Awareness Building:
Discussion and demonstration to recognize qualities of effective speaking.
Relaxation Skills:
Stress reduction methods to free the body, develop mental focus, and improve body language.
Breathing Techniques:
Secrets of breath support to increase vocal stamina and help calm nerves.
Voice Production:
Exercises to free the voice, improve vocal quality, diction, and projection.
Performance Practice:
Stage presentation to develop confidence on the podium.

Some of the subjects covered in
Techniques for Effective Public Speaking

  • Overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Freeing your speaking voice
  • Developing focus & concentration
  • Finding the keys to better breath support
  • Mastering the Power Stance
  • Improving posture and body language
  • Strengthening the overall presentation
  • Adding interest and excitement
  • Defining your own style

Techniques for Effective Public Speaking can be scheduled as:

  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Executive Seminars
  • Motivational Classes

To schedule a group seminar or individual coaching sessions,
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